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Although there are online options for culinary training, most students need to spend a lot of time in a professional kitchen or local classroom learning the essential kitchen techniques under the watchful eye of a trained instructor. Culinary arts programs are typically fairly short in duration. So even if there isn't one in your town, you may be able to temporarily move away to one and complete the courses in a rather short period of time. You can probably find a school near you. Go look.

Most decent-sized cities have a culinary school. While not every school can be exceptional, most at least provide the good foundation that every aspiring chef needs. Cities such as Phoenix and Cincinnati fall into this category. You can locate a solid school where you can learn the basics in under one year. You can get your first kitchen job and be on your way.

If you are more interested in management than actually preparing the food in the kitchen, maybe restaurant management is for you. There are schools that have hospitality management degrees at the undergraduate level. If you already have your bachelor's degree, you can enroll at the graduate level and even earn your master's degree in one to two years (depending upon what field your undergraduate degree is in). Look into this option.


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