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Florida is a hot spot for affordable cooking schools. Miami, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale each offers reasonably priced culinary arts schools that aim to train you for your first restaurant position. These schools will work to place you in an internship program with one of the better restaurants in town. Find a class

San Francisco is another city that is well-known for training tomorrow's chefs. The greater San Francisco and San Jose area is an expensive place to live, but they have some top culinary arts schools. The most exclusive ones may be impossible to get accepted into, but their are some good alternatives. Check into it.

If you're leaning more towards restaurant management than actually working in the kitchen, a regular college may be able to prepare you. Not every school offers hospitality management degree programs, but some do. Most hospitality management degrees take a full four years to complete. They will prepare you for an entry level position at a restaurant, hotel, motel, resort or other hospitality related business. Check into this.

Let's also talk about a couple of other options. Graphic design is a popular option for young students who like art, but don't necessarily want the life of the typical starving artist. Graphic arts is a pretty neat way to make a living. Graphic designers need to understand the visual aspect of design, plus they need to master the software that modern designers use every day. Check out this option.

And criminal justice majors can go on to work in different areas of law enforcement. Most federal positions in the CIA, FBI or Secret Service require at least a bachelor's degree for acceptance. More and more colleges are offering this major, and some of them are offering a master's degree level program as well.


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